Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Borderlands and Latino America

Pro- Latino immigration websitehttp://latinospro.org/

Latinos Progresando:
This is a pro-Latino immigration website as it promotes the notion of a better community if the United States incorporate people who identify as Latino, into the society of the United States.

This website contradicts current border issues in relation to Latino immigration. As instead of seeing it as a problem or a challenge for America, it recognises the rapid immigration as a positive thing. The fact that their mission is to serve "immigrants with the highest quality, low-cost legal immigration services..." indicates that not all Latinos are going to have a bad influence on the United States' society, culture and politics. Both in the present but also into the future as well, because of the high number of Latinos who are entering the United States, both legally and illegally.

The main focus for them are three different things; family, community and progress. Due to the fact that there are border issues, this website offers families support in education, legal status as well as other aspects of their lives. To focus on the younger generation of Latinos, proves just how much the Latino population are immigrating to the United States, as in the future, they could potentially have a huge significance over America both culturally and politically. So providing support for the young is vital for many Latinos dealing with present border issues. It focuses on the community because the website feels that Latinos need a stable environment in which they live in; because the border issues at present are causing conflicts between the Latino communities. These conflicts include prejudices which the border or majority of American society promote towards the Latino communities and population. It is interesting that progress is a main focus, because the Latino population is rapidly growing, so the website needs to ensure that they know how to support the Latino communities. Especially as they may no longer need support in the future, if the Latino numbers increase, because they will not be considered the biggest minority group in the United States, which could potentially have an impact in the way they are seen by the rest of the United States population.

Anti-Latino immigration website: http://americasvoice.org/about/

America's Voice:
Their website is pro-Latino immigration, but also anti-Latino immigration too. The reason for this is because they are pro-legal immigration, but anti-illegal immigration. It "encourages" Latino immigrants into the United States, as they will benefit the economy of America. Whilst at the same time, ensuring the safety and security of the United States, both economy and politically and also their society too.

This website is a way of "defending" the American values and voices, by establishing an immigration reform that does not promote Latino immigration. However, at the same time, it also allows them routes in which they can enter and stay in the United States legally.
The fact that the website states, "it is clear that Americans support it" suggesting that because of the "fear" for the United States' future, Latino immigration needs to be changed, controlled or potentially stopped.

This website focuses more on restricting people from entering the United States, whilst allowing legal Latinos to feel welcome and help them with engaging in the community which they now live in. However, the website appears overall anti-Latino immigration as it is aware that "too much" or illegal immigration could alter certain American values, as it states "If we do this right...we will finally have an immigration system that reflects our values as a nation". This again, indicates that because America has had many border immigration issues in the past, as well as in the present. So this website is ensuring that Latino immigration is much more controlled for the future of the United States, to make sure that the American society, values, beliefs, customs and lifestyle are not affected or changed by the increase in the rapid Latino population with the United States of America.

Comparing the two websites, they both present views and opinions on Latino immigration very differently. Due to the fact that although the anti-immigration website is against immigration, it cannot stop it completely, if  Latinos are legal so its approach towards the border issue, is not just one-sided. Whereas the pro-immigration website  offers support, and legally can do this, making their aims and goals much more easier to accomplish than of the America's Voice website. I think these points make a huge difference in the way they both present their arguments, as they are both promoting different things, yet the way they appear on the websites, are very similar.

Grace La Traille 


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