Thursday, 12 March 2015

Faith and the West


I have chosen the faith group, "Community of Christ", as it is typically American in character.  (Video clip).

This is a clip to a video which gives a summary of what this faith group offers to people. It mainly focuses on spirituality, and the idea that you can change your life, as well as the world. The YouTube clip is what appears to be a promotional video which allows people to see if that religious group is the right faith for them.

The beliefs that this faith group focuses on is God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Peace, Humanity, The Church, Revelation, Scripture and Sacraments. Each of these main principles of the religious group are linked closely with the bible.

Week 3: Holy Attention

This image is in itself closely related to the idea that this religious group is particularity American in character. Because the cross is in many images that are associated with America and the American people. An example of this is:

This image illustrates just how important God is in America, or how America is associated is with God in different ways. The phrase "In God We Trust" is symbolic of the American character and this is a key feature in this faith group. The notion that Jesus Christ died for people also is an example of how this faith is typical of the American character. Because it is believed that America was founded on Christian principles and Christianity. There is also a lot of emphasis on the Church. Again, this is typically American in character, as many Americans go to church and are involved in the culture of religion. The fact that the phrase is also on the bank note also demonstrates just how important God is, not just to Americans, but to America as a country. Because people are reminded every time they pay in cash for something. The history of America is a factor of the highly religious country, as people would have nothing but faith, and so would put their faith in God, whilst also hoping for a better life and future; alongside the belief that hard work can also enable you to achieve a very successful life.

Within the video is states "you will receive love and support", and this indicates that it is particularly American in character, as the notion that you will be united not just with God and Jesus Christ, but also with fellow Americans. This is relating to the notion of having unity with each other, and also reinforcing the unity of the United States. They also believe that Gods mission is their mission, which is an interesting belief to have. Their motto is typically American in character, as its based on the idea to help one another, and to make the world a much better place. It is as if you have to take small steps to achieve greater success. Their 'motto' is, "Change your life; change your community; change the world!". 

Grace La Traille


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