Monday, 30 March 2015

Immigration in America - Pro-immigration.

For my two sites i have chosen to focus largely on websites that are for or against immigration in general. i have made this decision because Latino and Hispanic people are such a large amount of the immigrating population most of the time they can be considered the main group under question hen talking about immigration and certainly the largest group by far withing the status of illegal immigrants which is the biggest problem being approached by any group or policy that focuses on immigration, the most common aim among all immigration reformists -both those that are for immigration and those that are are as extreme as shutting off all the borders completely- is to secure the borders to prevent more illegal immigration.
While no one is 'for' illegal immigration some are less against it than others. The website is one you could consider on the less against it than others, for example it displays advocacy for both securing the borders and for allowing illegal immigrants ho are already in the country a pathway to citizenship.
This website is very clearly the better funded website, it boasts its large numbers of support from wealthy people of notability for example; Mark Zukerburg. The websites snazzy design helps it gain credibility and really draws the viewer in. It hides its core values away pretty deep to the extent that you need to actively search for them within the website. This, I think is because what the website is promoting is, in America at least, an incredibly unpopular view, to just 'allow' immigrants to 'take over the country with their cultures'. America is fundamentally conservative and this is why the message is hidden so well, so that people will be drawn in by the fancy graphics and big names, they might convince themselves that they agree with the message before they even know it.

 The American Immigration Control Foundation - Anti-immigration

Unlike the other website this one is incredibly straight to the point, as can be guessed this is the side that holds a more popular viewpoint in the USA and so doesn't need to hide behind any fancy graphics or big names to improve its popularity. The website is that of a pressure group which boasts grassroots action on the immigration issues and it is soon evident that the group is on the extreme ends of conservatism, if not from its hard line 'deport all illegal immigrants, shut off all borders' approach but from the fact that it has a link near the bottom of the page to an article calling Obama a dictator, or at least a president with the intentions to become a dictator. Such extreme opinions will always attract attention regardless of whether its positive attention that people give when they agree with an opinion or negative that people give when they're so outraged with said opinion that they read it anyway because people are weird and like to be outraged enough to seek it out.

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