Monday, 30 March 2015

Latino Rebels vs. Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

Latino Rebels - Pro-Latino immigration

Latino Rebels is a report style website giving constantly and consistently updated articles surrounding here entitled 'Immigration Reform and the Lies "Pro" Migrant Nonprofits Use to Gain Support". Luis Serrano is the author of this article and states 'non-profits in favor of “comprehensive immigration reform” under the banner of  Reform Immigration for America, Alliance for Citizenship, America’s Voice and others demanded the government open up to have a vote on the bill currently in the House. As an undocumented immigrant I am familiar with the solutions discussed within our community and I want you to know there is a difference between the human rights we want and the inhumane reforms people ask for in our name.' Serrano is clearly opinionated towards this field and what he is saying is that as an illegal immigrant he knows what would benefit his community and the organisations that stand for the Latino community are supporting inhuman standards. 
Latino society within the United States, I found an article

Serrano actually rather looks at the issues of standards, care and human rights of the Latino community, though he is discussing immigration reform throughout his article he is more focused on the issues with deportation, incarceration and legibility and accessibility to becoming citizens, which suggests he is pro-immigration of both legal and illegal Latino immigrants (partially suggested due to the fact he is an illegal immigrant too). It seems as if he wants free migration into the states and then an accessibility to jobs, money and freedom without any problems from the law. 

The subtitle of Serrano's last paragraph is 'Dear President Obama: Stop deportations and give deferred action to all!' I am trying to give an objective and reasoned view just as Serrano appears to believe he is doing but this is just simply ridiculous. Who could possibly think stopping deportations and deferring action is the right way to go, Serrano says he's working for the Latino community but if everyone was given this free ride that he expects to be handed to him and his community where does that leave the Latino's who did work hard to ensure they weren't deported, and eventually achieved their citizenship, where does that leave the Mexican families who saved up their money to enter the United States legally. Moreover where does that leave all immigrant communities, not just Latino, but Polish, Irish, Chinese etc. 

This is not a solution but it is Serrano's and Latino Rebel's view of a pro-Latino immigration reform.

Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) - anti-immigration (not explicitly specific to Latino immigration)

The trouble with anti-immigration organisations is that they always call it a reform and do not in any way shape or form want to appear racist simply due to the fact that it closes their demographic and audience down dramatically meaning they will have less support. That is not to say you can't understand their true intentions.

FAIR's "about" page can be viewed here and FAIR simply discusses it's immigration reform aims and criteria. FAIR would aim to reduce immigration (both legal and illegal) from it's current 1 million plus per year figure to a figure more adequately around the range of 300,000 legal immigrants per year. FAIR also wants to increase border protection and stop illegal immigration altogether. 

To me I see no problem with this, though the immigration number could be marginally higher but all round it sounds like a good plan, here's where it gets interesting; 'to set legal immigration at the lowest feasible levels consistent with the national security, economic, demographic, environmental and socio-cultural interests of the present and future.' This right here says they want to specifically pick and choose the immigrants based on factors other than legal applications that meet appropriate standards for example no prior criminal records and such. Now I understand that with putting a limit on the number of migrants allowed in it means you will have to refuse entry of people whom deserve it but this would be racism, if you chose a white man over a black man or vice versa simply because you filled your quota for black or white migrants, that would be racism, what if they were both English, from the same town, they have the same social and economic standing yet you would be rejecting someone's immigration based on the colour of their skin, that is racism. That is why I believe this immigration reform group FAIR is anti-Latino, technically unless you they told you what their exact plans are they are against each specific race immigrating individually.


Personal review, I disagree with aspects of both articles ad organisations, I believe illegal immigration should be stopped, but I also believe living conditions for Latino's should be improved but this is not to say that the suggested free-ride should be given. I also believe immigration should be reformed with a mixture of both of these organisations ideas and attributes there needs to be a more solidified limitation of immigration restriction but if that happens then more support should be given to migrant communities not just Latino but all migrants.


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